Sexual Ethics and Thelema

A conversation with Jim and Nancy Wasserman at Serpent and Lion Oasis July 28, 2018


The Gnostic Mass

This Gnostic Mass was performed at Swirling Star Lodge on December 15, 2013. Crowley described the Mass as the central ritual, public and private, of O.T.O. The ritual is discussed at some length in the book. It has been an integral part of my personal spiritual practice since 1979.


In the Center of the Fire: A History of the Modern O.T.O.

This talk was given at Swirling Star Lodge of O.T.O. in December, 2012. It highlights and expands upon a number of themes of the book. It is an intimate discussion of the early years of the modern O.T.O. and TAHUTI Lodge, and includes observations on the contemporary Thelemic movement.


Samhain Ritual-TAHUTI Lodge-Dress Rehearsal-1980 e.v.

TAHUTI Lodge performed a series of some 40 seasonal rituals beginning with the Winter Solstice in 1979. Rob Stelboum, a friend and film student at the School of VIsual Arts filmed the dress rehearsal as a school project. Gurney's directing skills are most evident.



Star Ruby Performed at TAHUTI Lodge-A Fragment

Here is a fragment of Richard Gernon (Gurney) performing the Star Ruby in 1980 e.v. This was part of a dress rehearsal for TAHUTI's first Samhain Ritual. It took place the night before the ceremony. Rob Stelboum was a student at the School of Visual Arts. He filmed it as part of a class project. After Gurney finished the invocation of the four divine names as shown here, the camera went haywire and the screen went black



Liber V vel Reguli-The Ritual of the Mark of the Beast

This video was made on October 30, 1980 e.v. It was part of the dress rehearsal for the TAHUTI Lodge Samhain Ritual that took place the next night.




Samhain Ritual-TAHUTI Lodge Interview-1981 e.v.

This video was filmed some four months after the October 30, 1980 e.v. dress rehearsal for the TAHUTI Lodge Samhain Ritual. Its purpose was to discuss the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), the Thelemic Magical Path, political liberty under The Book of the Law and Liber Oz, and the practice of "Creative Mythology."




Herman Slater-The Magickal Childe Bookstore and Publishing

Herman Slater was a friend, an ally, a fellow O.T.O. and Wiccan initiate, and the co-publisher of the Necronomicon. The black and white tiled floor shown here was laid by members of TAHUTI Lodge. Herman is missed. Parts 2-4 are also available on youtube.